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Surface Audio

Game changer for Amazon Sellers, get it before your competition does


1 click solution to monitor Competitor Inventory & Sales and find profitable opportunities. Research & Restock any product on any Amazon website


Monitor real inventory & sales data

Competitor Inventory & Sales

  • Monitor real time inventory of your competition

  • Monitor actual sales of your competition

  • Filter offers and download all data

Ensure Profitability

Profit & Fee Calculator

  • See all Amazon referral and FBA fees and calculate profit easily

  • Stay on top of constantly rising Amazon fees

  • Supports VAT related costs for EU marketplaces

Forecast demand accurately

Estimated Sales

  • Accurate estimate based on 90 day average sales rank

  • Algorithms constantly get smarter based on actual sales data

Use across the globe

All Amazon Marketplaces

  • Sellcaster supports all 11 Amazon marketplaces, 100 million+ products

  • Access accurate and real time data.

What our customers are saying?

“Fantastic extension. Offers so much more. A real winner for FBA. Thanks!”

Neil P

“Nice design, simple and clean interface. All information in one place for quick decision making.”

John C

“Gives me all the information I need when researching products”

Juan D

“Awesome extension! I use it all the time and it helps making buying decisions easier, especially when it also gives the VAT costs.”

David H

“Brilliant Extension. It does everything I need on one simple screen with no going backwards and forwards or losing calculations”

Barb T

“Very cool extension, all the info i need in one place. Highly recommended”

Patrick C

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