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How do I sign up for a STARTER or PLUS plan?

All our pricing plans are available as in-app subscriptions within Sellcaster chrome extension.Once you add Sellcaster to your Chrome browser, you can access pricing and signup via the pricing plans icon on the top right of Sellcaster popup window.

Sellcaster will prompt you to Sign Into Chrome. Please sign in and ensure you click 'Allow' on the Google permission popup. By doing this you are allowing Sellcaster to check whether you have an active subscription or not. We do not have access to any other info on your account such as name, email credit card etc. You can view the plans and pricing for your market. 

How can I see your pricing information?

Our pricing varies by market, managed by Google.  You can access it thru our chrome extension

Is my credit card info secure with you?

Your subscription charges are managed securely thru Google payments. You will be paying and managing subscription thru Google payments and will not be providing your credit card details to us

I have signed up for STARTER plan and how do I upgrade to PLUS plan?

Chrome does not allow upgrade of subscriptions. Please cancel your current plan and sign up for PLUS plan

Pricing Plans

What is the basis of your sales estimates? How is it different than other tools?

The goal of the sales estimate of a product is to get a rough idea of marketplace demand. Most tools based this on sales rank which is very volatile and provide unreliable results. Sellcasters manages this not only by using a 90 day average sales rank but also using real sales data of a product

How is Estimated sales different from the sum total competitor sales?

Competitor sales are highly accurate at seller level, but can cause deviations for offers with quantity limits. Estimated sales uses this data and combines it with sales rank data

Estimated Sales

Why I should your Profit & FBA Fee calculator when Amazon has an official one?

Amazon FBA calculator requires multiple steps: find the right one for the marketplace, search for product, get the price, enter price/cost and hit submit and repeat the steps if you want to try a different price. 

Sellcaster does all this automatically. All you need to do is enter the cost to see the profit margins. We even show you 90 day average selling price so you don't need to run multiple scenarios.

Do you support VAT related costs for EU marketplaces?

Yes, Sellcaster is the only FBA calculator which supports both VAT registered and Non VAT registered users in the EU marketplaces. Even Amazon's official calculator does not do this.

Profit & Fee Calculator

Is your competitor inventory data reliable? Does it have any limitations?

Our data comes directly from Amazon and is highly reliable. It is subject to certain limitations such as a maximum of 999 units per offer and subject to quantity limits for limited offers.

Is your competitor sales data reliable? Does it have any limitations?

We calculate sales based on inventory changes. We monitor inventory levels at regular intervals (hourly/daily for top selling products, weekly for other products). When we notice a drop in inventory level, we attribute it to sales. Hence our sales data is highly accurate at offer level. It is subject to inventory limitations as described earlier

Is your data real time?

Our data is retrieved from Amazon real time. It's as good as it gets.

Competitor Inventory & Sales

How is Sellcaster different from other tools I use for product research and restocking?

Sellcaster is a 1 click comprehensive solution for Amazon Sellers to perform end to end product research and determine the right amount of stock to carry. The alternative to Sellcaster would be to use a different tool to estimate sales, use Amazon's calculator to check profitability and a different tool to check competitor inventory. Sellcaster does all this for you in one place under 10 seconds

Is Sellcaster free?

We have a FREE plan (no sign up required) which allows unlimited uses of Estimated Sales and Profit & Fee calculator. You can also perform 8 checks on competitor inventory per day. We recommend considering our STARTER or PLUS plans for unlimited competitor checks and additional features

How do I access Sellcaster?

Sellcaster is available on Chrome Web Store as a Chrome Extension. Once you add it to your browser, Sellcaster automatically starts working when you are on an Amazon product page.


Welcome to the Sellcaster Help Center. We have pulled some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers and compiled them all into one place.

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